El haber emprendido en esta nueva aventura llamada investigación me ha dado los primeros artículos, publicables, los cuales son el paper fruto de mi tesis de maestría “Simulation of a Wireless Sensor Network in Gas and Oil Industries” y un paper fruto de la investigación en el GISTEL “Prototype of a “Sunflower” Solar Panel for Increasing Efficiency Photovoltaic”

A continuación una breve reseña de los mismos:

Prototype of a “Sunflower” Solar Panel for Increasing Efficiency Photovoltaic

Abstract— Knowing the limitations of having stationary solar panels, this paper seeks to potentiate the properties of light absorption in photovoltaic panels. Through photoelectric concepts nanoparticles and microtubes. Taking into consideration intelligent reflection systems, it will seek to maximize the efficiency of photovoltaic panels because nowadays their efficiency is generally not very high. Based on the above this paper shows some hypotheses which seeks to improve the current efficiency of the panels and energy capture will arise. 

Keywords— Solar panel; nanoparticles; nanowires, PV; renewable energy; power quality.

Simulation of a Wireless Sensor Network in Gas and Oil Industries

Abstract— The growing demand for oil and gas often requires the design and execution of large production, processing and transportation plants in remote locations with harsh environmental conditions and logistics challenges. The adoption of wiring to fully interconnect machines and monitor / control a large number of processes is becoming a non-viable solution. The ability to replace wiring by deploying a wireless sensor network is becoming a strategic solution of interest for most oil and gas contractors.